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Daniel Duane

Journalist and Adventure Writer Daniel Duane on Changing Course and Becoming a Therapist in His Mid-50s

Farnoosh Torabi

Farnoosh Torabi - Why She’s The (Proud) Breadwinner in Her Marriage

Comedian Pete Holmes

Comedian Pete Holmes on Freedom and Creativity with Money

Carl’s Daughter Lindsay Richards - A Rewarding Conversation About Money

Carl keeps things in the family by having a discussion about money with his oldest daughter, Lindsay Richards.

UCLA Professor Hal Hershfield

Understanding Our Money Decisions With UCLA Professor Hal Hershfield

Educator Jonathan Santos Silva

Jonathan Santos Silva on pursuing a career in education, the inevitable financial struggles in that pursuit, and finding purpose in community above all else.

Morgan Housel and Gretchen Housel

How Morgan and Gretchen Housel use simple financial experiments to improve their relationship with money and each other.

Embracing Uncertainty with Cattle Rancher Elizabeth Poett

Seventh Generation Cattle Rancher Elizabeth Poett reflects on the importance of embracing uncertainty as a rancher, a career where every day is different, and unpredictability is a part of the routine.

Coach Scott Drew

Success On and Off The Court with the Head Coach of Baylor Men’s Basketball

Invest Like a Psychopath

A lawyer by trade and author of the book Confessions of a Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding in Plain Sight, Jamie breaks down the common misconceptions of psychopathy, and how it intersects with her financial behaviors.

Resilience in Uncertainty with TV Writer Dave Goetsch

Navigating the Uncertainty of Hollywood with TV Writer Dave Goetsch

Another Side of Downtown Josh Brown

Downtown Josh Brown offers a rare, personal glimpse into the moments that molded his financial perspective and approach to life.

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