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Daniel Duane

Journalist and Adventure Writer Daniel Duane on Changing Course and Becoming a Therapist in His Mid-50s

Discussion Resource

Carl welcomes journalist, writer, surfer, climber, father and husband Daniel Duane to reflect on a life and career guided by passionate pursuits and what happens when that career suddenly seems unviable. The conversation raises questions about the meaning of a simpler life and how to navigate the complexities of money in the present as the cost of living continues to rise all around us. As a result, Dan shares his journey of transitioning from being a writer to becoming a psychotherapist, reflecting on feeling cornered in his career well after middle age, and the fear of not being able to provide for his family. If you’ve ever felt alone in struggling with an uncertain future, this episode of 50 Fires is a reminder that none of us have to be alone in that struggle.

Conversation Starter 

Who in your life can you turn to for honest feedback when you feel stuck or backed into a corner? 

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