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Dimensional Fund Advisors Co-Founder David Booth

David Booth on The Birth of Modern Finance and Embracing Uncertainty in Investing

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The impact David Booth has had on your financial life is profound, whether you realize it or not.

David is the co-founder of Dimensional Fund Advisors, a firm that fundamentally changed the way we make everyday decisions about practical investing and money.

David knew the future of investing would depend on data, so in 1981 he moved a noisy, hot, refrigerator-sized computer into his two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. The machine spit out stock prices for brokers and investment managers around the world, and as a result, Dimensional was one of the first investment firms to apply academic research to practical investing.

In this episode of 50 Fires, David talks about those early days of Dimensional, and goes back even further to reflect on his earliest memories of money as a boy in Kansas selling newspapers door-to-door.

He shares stories of the growth of Dimensional Fund Advisors, and talks about two of his favorite topics when it comes to investing: randomness and uncertainty.

He also talks with host Carl Richards about a new documentary film chronicling the history of Dimensional, directed by acclaimed documentarian Errol Morris called Tune Out The Noise.

EXCLUSIVE FOR LISTENERS OF 50 FIRES: Use access code MARKETSWORK to watch Tune Out The Noise for free! Tune Out The Noise is a new documentary by Academy Award-winning director Errol Morris on the birth of modern finance and takeaways for investors.

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