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UCLA Professor Hal Hershfield

Understanding Our Money Decisions With UCLA Professor Hal Hershfield

Discussion Resource

Hal Hershfield is a leading expert on the psychology of making decisions, but that doesn’t mean that he always makes the right decisions about money, which should be reassuring for us all to hear. A Professor of Marketing, Behavioral Decision Making, and Psychology at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, Hal joins Carl to discuss some of his earliest memories about money (he looked it up in the ‘M’ book of his Encyclopedia), the importance of aligning capital with what's important in our lives, and how we rationalize our decisions around money with our emotions way more than we should.

Conversation Starter 

Money is more about feelings than it is about spreadsheets and calculators. Take parenting, for example. What does it mean to provide as a parent, and what role does money play in that experience?

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