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Resilience in Uncertainty with TV Writer Dave Goetsch

Navigating the Uncertainty of Hollywood with TV Writer Dave Goetsch

Discussion Resource

Carl welcomes Dave Goetsch, comedy writer and co-executive producer of 'The Big Bang Theory' for a conversation about navigating the uncertainty of Hollywood. Dave discusses the importance of resilience - financial, emotional, and mental - throughout his career.

Dave shares his firsthand experiences with financial crises, canceled shows, and the pressure of tying self-worth to success. He also discusses how he learned to live in reality and not just fix everything with harder work, which is at the heart of his uncertain, yet fulfilling career as a comedy writer. 

Conversation Starter 

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  • Resilience is not a response to a crisis, it's a prerequisite to surviving one. How are you building general resilience in your life, managing uncertainty, and ultimately finding opportunity in it? 

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