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Morgan Housel and Gretchen Housel

How Morgan and Gretchen Housel use simple financial experiments to improve their relationship with money and each other.

Discussion Resource

If you’ve spent any time in finance, you’ll know that Morgan Housel is The New York Times Bestselling Author of The Psychology of Money and the newly released Same As Ever: Timeless Lessons on Risk, Opportunity, and Living a Good Life, but today, you’ll get to hear him like you never have before…in conversation with his wife Gretchen.

In Part One of this two-week episode, host Carl Richards asks Gretchen and Morgan what’s most important in their relationship, and it’s something that we all need more of: time together. But for Gretchen and Morgan, money has actually enabled them to spend more time together, because it has been one of their top priorities as a couple.

They the role of using simple experiments in spending habits, such as intentionally spending spending less over a specific period of time, and how their family backgrounds have shaped their perspectives on money, both as individuals and together.

Conversation Starter 

In this episode, Gretchen and Morgan reflect on how their parents talked about money while they were growing up. Did your family talk about money when you were young? If they didn't, what do you wish they would have talked with you about? 

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