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Lukas Nelson

Money, Meaning, and The Muse

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Carl goes deep on the realities of being a working musician with Singer Songwriter Lukas Nelson and festival organizer Ben Anderson. Recorded at the Park City Song Summit in September.

Carl’s conversation with Lukas Nelson unpacks how the allure of fame and money can be a trap for musicians, and how Lukas navigated finding his own artistic path, despite being the son of legendary artist Willie Nelson. 

After the break, Carl speaks with Ben Anderson, a seasoned trial lawyer who grew up scraping the bottom of the middle class as a child in Tennessee, to achieve success as an attorney, who later joined the music industry by starting the Park City Song Summit, a multi-day music and wellness event designed to bring clarity and normalcy to the struggles that musicians, artists, and music lovers alike face around mental health and dependency. Carl and Ben discuss the need to prioritize well-being over success, and the need for a healthier approach to success in the music industry. 

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