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Comedian Pete Holmes

Comedian Pete Holmes on Freedom and Creativity with Money

Discussion Resource

Comedian Pete Holmes reflect on his relationship with money and how it relates to his sense of freedom, creativity, and play.  In this wide ranging conversation, Carl and Pete explore how money impacts our anxiety, and the role that spirituality plays in helping to reduce that tension. From Pete’s early days in standup comedy, to his eventual success as a writer, actor, and podcaster, this episode highlights the importance of understanding and deepening our values during each phase of life, and remembering to stop and laugh as much as we can along the way.

Conversation Starter 

Whether we realize it or not, our default is to feel anxious about money. We've practically trained ourselves to feel like something is wrong if we don't feel anxious about it. What if we decided not to feel anxious? What practices can you introduce to your life that will decrease that feeling of dread and anxiety around money?

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