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Chip Gaines

How Chip Gaines Uses Money As a Tool for Impact

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Most of us were first introduced to Chip Gaines on “Fixer Upper,” the blockbuster renovation show where he serves as genius contractor, adoring husband, and comic relief. But this episode of “50 Fires” reveals a different seen side of Chip–entrepreneurial, spiritual, philosophical, and reflective.

Carl and Chip discuss Chip’s unconventional attitude toward risk, using money as a tool for impact versus a measurement of success, the challenges of raising children in the Instagram era, and the fact that Jesus was a reckless financial planner (oh, and Chip’s wife Joanna even makes a surprise cameo).

Join host Carl Richards for an honest conversation about money and meaning with Chip Gaines on this week’s episode of 50 Fires.

Tune in to Fixer Upper: The Hotel out now on Magnolia Network and streaming on MAX.

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